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Jon M. Myers

Meet Jon Myers, a dynamic and visionary communications expert with a stellar track record in shaping the narrative for prominent companies and organizations. Jon is not just a communications professional; he is a strategic developer of integrated communication plans that seamlessly align with business objectives and aspirations.

From press releases and media statements to executive talking points, Jon has mastered the craft of building content to advance the message. His knack for writing extends to web content, news releases, presentations, fact sheets, and Q&A documents, demonstrating a comprehensive skill set tailored for diverse communication needs.

Widely recognized as a creative and innovative communications leader, Jon’s proactive approach to strategy and campaign building is rooted in extensive research, collaboration with teams and executives, and a mastery of communication principles. His support for executive leadership at conferences and events, underscores his versatile skill set. Jon doesn’t just communicate; he embodies the voice of the organizations he represents.

In the fast-paced realm of crisis communications, Jon stands as a reliable force. His expertise extends beyond merely responding to crises – he is adept at anticipating and preparing for them, ensuring that communication remains effective and impactful in the face of change.  Through years of building relationships with reporters, producers, editors and publishers, Jon possesses an ability to navigate media inquiries, skillfully telling stories that cast organizations in the best light. His ability to leverage content across multiple channels for optimal communication sets him apart.

Jon’s career has been defined by overseeing corporate communications, public relations and marketing with prominent leaders, organizations and industries, including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, CalEPA, American Red Cross, clean tech, and food + beverage, aiming for transparency, consistency and accuracy. 

In the world of communication, Jon Myers is not just a professional – he is a driving force, a strategic thinker, and a creative visionary, dedicated to ensuring that every message resonates powerfully and positively.