Companies with effective communication programs are

3 to 5

times more likely to beat out their rivals


 of employees feel they are missing out on news and information.


of employees blame company failures on poor communication



of the workforce would be more productive with effective communication in the workplace.

Seizing the Moment, Shaping the Future


kai·​ros kī¦räs / (n): a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action the opportune and decisive moment.

Kairos Communications is a boutique communications and public relations agency, founded on the principles that there is always a story to be told, it just takes experience and know-how to get it noticed. 

The name “Kairos” reflects our commitment to delivering innovative communication strategies that seize the opportune moment to make a lasting impact.



Founder & CEO

Kairos Communications was launched in 2024 following years of providing and developing in-house corporate communications and public relations services in a variety of industries including, environmental & sustainability, public safety, clean tech, energy, food & beverage and government.

With longstanding connections to media writers, editors and producers, an understanding of industry trends, and an eye on what’s next, our aim is on telling corporate stories, changing perceptions and enhancing the brand. The best part is…we have fun doing it.

Through years of building relationships with reporters, producers, editors and publishers, we are adept in navigating media inquiries, skillfully telling stories that cast organizations in the best light. His ability to leverage content across multiple channels for optimal communication sets him apart.


At Kairos Communications, we specialize in identifying and leveraging these pivotal moments to create meaningful connections, drive engagement, and achieve our clients’ objectives. Whether it’s building thought leadership strategies, navigating a crisis, or shaping public perception, we understand the importance of timing and context in effective communication.

With Kairos Communications by your side, you can trust that your messaging will be timely, impactful, and aligned with your overarching goals. Together, let’s seize the moment and unlock the power of strategic communication.